I'm Meghan

Hi there!

Now, I can easily say this has continued into my life as an adult. Boredom brought by the pandemic and watching Great British Bake Off on repeat increased my interest in baking these past few years.

Although I am most definitely a novice baker, I am a pretty decent photographer with a successful side hustle for the past 4 years. My love of details and portraits (and the lack of families and weddings happening during the pandemic) drove me to try new ways to keep my photography skills fresh. And so this blog was born!

My favorite recipes from amazing bakers across the internet and various cookbooks are compiled here with the hope you will try one (or many!) and love them as much as me. Plus, photographing all of these baked goods means I get to enjoy them all, too!

Starting from when my sisters and I would fight over who got to roll out the sugar cookie dough, baking has been imbedded in my childhood. From delicious homemade breads and decadent weekend brunches to birthday cakes and holiday cookies, our house loved homemade baked goods.